Here Are 5 Factors You Need To Know About Organic Traffic

To enhance your online presence, you need a website with high traffic. Here traffic refers to the number of people visiting your website. Particularly, your ability to be found through the search engine is a crucial step in winning the online competition war. There are various ways of driving traffic to your website. These approaches include social media and paid ads.

However, the most effective way of generating web traffic is through the search engine. The approach is known as organic traffic. This type of traffic relies on your ability to optimize your website so that it can appear on the first page of the search engine results when visitors use a given keyword to search for information or product.

Here are 5 points you need to know about organic traffic:

It is consistent

Consistency is an essential factor in your business. You do not want to receive high traffic on your site today, and tomorrow it is gone. Unlike other traffic sources, traffic from the search engine is consistent. Nowadays Search engines are the main way for searching products, services, and useful information. As you know, online users use a similar phrase or keyword to look for what they need in the search engines. For this reason, if you optimize your page for the most searched keyword, the same way your site will continue receiving high traffic at a consistent rate,

Search engines are contributing 10x of all online traffic

While other social media and other sources of web traffic are essential, your ability to be found through the search engine is the principle. From statistics, a page that is easily visible through the search engines receives ten times traffic more than those with high visibility on other sources. Hence, if you dream of enhancing your leads and sales – which are founded on the web traffic- you have to ensure that your site is visible on search engines and if possible on the first page.

Optimizing your page for mobile searches can enhance your organic traffic

According to current Google statistics, more than half of all online searches are coming from mobile devices. Also, the number of online shopping through mobile phones is increasing annually. For this reason, optimizing your website page for the mobile devices can give you an upper hand on generating organic traffic. Also, the approach will enhance your sales if you are running an online shop.

Making your content Google friendly is pivotal

While there are more than 10 search engines, Google is the king in the online content searching. About 90% of all online searches take place on Google. This means that your website will receive 90% of its traffic from Google if your content is matched with the crawling and ranking requirements. Apart from the PC based searches, Google dominates the mobile-based searches with more than 50%. In this essence, it is clear that you cannot avoid ranking your page on the Google if you are serious about your business.


In a word, organic traffic refers to the web traffic coming from search engines. It is based on the ability to rank well for a given keyword or phrase. Also, this type of traffic is consistent, the people using the keyword you have optimized your page for will continue being directed to your website.

Another fact that you need to know is that optimizing your website for the mobile devices can give you an upper hand in the ranking war. This is because the number of searches using a mobile phone is increasing annually. Lastly, enhancing your site Google friendliness is pivotal if you have to receive high traffics. I recommend you check your website and your market with an SEO Specialist, here is one of the best SEO in Toronto   

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