6 Powerful Tips To Supercharge Your Web Search Engine Positioning Using Video

6 Powerful Tips To Supercharge Your Web Search Engine Positioning Using Video

It’s evident today that video is a great resource to boost your web search engine positioning. This is because many consumers today prefer to watch a video than read a lengthy description of a product. In fact, according to statistics, 80% of consumers are more likely to buy a product if they watch a video. With that being said, here are resourceful tips to use videos to enhance your website positioning:

Including video on your website bolsters your web search engine positioning

Including video on your site boosts the most important ranking factor: Content. Including video as part of your content offers something known as media mix, which conveys signals to search engines that your website harbors rich content that is related to search requests. And the fact that many consumers are increasingly slanting towards video when shopping for products and services online, including video on your website, can rapidly boost your web positioning.

Uploading your video to YouTube can help boost your web positioning

The reason why YouTube can boost your web positioning is that it’s the second largest search engine when it comes to search queries. On top of that, Google owns YouTube, which means it’s given priority when it comes to search engine rankings. While some experts argue that you should host your videos on your website to fully enjoy the benefit of SEO, the best ranking content always comes via established channels or platforms. So when you create your video or explainer video, make a point to upload it on or share it on YouTube to leverage all those benefits.

Ensure your videos load faster to gain good web positioning

Page load time is a Google ranking factor. So if your page loads slowly, your search engine rankings will suffer. The same applies to videos. According to a study by Radware, about 57% of mobile users who land on a site bounce off if the load time exceeds 3 seconds. You can make faster loading videos by planning out the size of your video using prototyping software, and consider quality setting (higher quality setting offers the best resolution but increases the size of the file, which increases its loading time). You can also make videos adapted to mobile, desktop or tablet to improve loading time.

Incorporating video transcripts bolsters your website positioning

If you visit some sites today, you’ll find that they include transcripts of the audio section of their videos to boost their findability. These transcripts add a sense of relevance, and so, search engines will be able to dispatch your URLs to the right people. Therefore, if you’re hoping to increase your website’s position on search engines, include video transcripts on your site.

You can beef up your web positioning by including keywords in your videos

If you want your video to be relevant to search engine results, you’ll have to provide enough information about your video to search engines. For example, you’ll have to give a clear description of your video, and add keywords in the file name, title, tags and descriptions.

Have video sitemap on your website to increase your web search engine positioning

Video sitemap is essential, as it’s a branch of your sites general sitemap. So it adds robustness and SEO to your website. However, you’ll have to customize metadata, such as rating, age appropriateness, duration, view count and more on the sitemap to enhance its functionality.


And don’t forget to include a link to your website to your YouTube videos. Once you’ve uploaded your video to YouTube, make sure to embed a link to your site below the video. It will help viewers find your website, and this can bolster your web positioning.

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